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more stories from the past [Feb. 12th, 2009|05:40 pm]
i thought it was about time to post some more stories from the early days when i discovered how much i loved pissing my pants in public!

i mentioned doing it at the movies; here is a story from a time i did that: i sat down to watch a movie (i was about 13 or 14 at the time) and took off my sneakers so was sitting in t-shirt, jeans and white sox. i had a huge soda and drank it quickly. soda always makes me have to pee. so after a bit i really had to pee bad, but didn't get up to go to the restroom, i just kept holding. and then i couldn't hold it anymore, and i felt a little bit of pee squirt out and begin to get my jeans wet. well that felt so good that i just started peeing, and i couldn't stop! the pee soaked my undies and jeans, then started to run down onto the seat and down my legs. i peed like crazy! then before i was done i stood up so that the pee ran down my legs and onto my sox, getting them wet. then i walked out to the lobby to get another huge soda. i left my shoes behind and walked out in my piss-soaked jeans and sox! it was dark so not everyone noticed, but there were a couple of boys nearby who saw and knew that i had pissed my pants. as i walked past i heard them giggle and make a comment about how i peed my pants. i got my soda and returned to my seat. then the boys moved over to sit near where i was, and they asked me if i had peed my pants. i told them that i had been trying to hold it but couldn't and it just came out and i peed my pants, and the boys continued to giggle. after i drank my second soda, i felt myself have to piss again, and i began to hold myself with my hand. the boys saw and said "do you have to pee again?" and i said yes, but i was going to try to hold it again. i began to get more and more desparate and the boys knew it, and i finally said "uh, oh, i am going to pee my pants again!" the boys giggled and leaned forward to watch. there was enough light from the movie that they could see the wet spots spreading across my pants, and you could hear my pee running down too! they just watched and giggled as i again emptied my bladder into my jeans. when the movie was over i put my shoes back on (with wet sox) and walked out in my wet jeans. the boys saw that the seat where i had been sitting was wet and laughed as i walked out.

another time at about the same age i was with a friend at a fast food restaurant sitting at a booth. again i got a big soda knowing it would make me have to pee. when i could no longer hold it in, i said to my friend "man, i really have to pee bad," and just then began to feel my piss come out. so i said, "uh oh, i am peeing in my pants!" and as i said it, my piss began to soak my jeans. my friend at first couldn't believe it, then began to laugh as i sat there peeing all over my jeans and the seat. the piss spilled down my legs, soaking my sox, and getting on the floor. you could hear the pee tricking onto the tile floor, and a man at another table even looked over and saw what was happening. my friend just laughed, and i had to walk out of the food place with everyone staring at my wet jeans!

more to come soon!
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childhood memories [Jan. 26th, 2009|03:42 pm]
reading westjeanstn's posts about pissing his jeans as a boy has inspired me to also post some of my childhood memories, as i got into wetting pants as a boy too. i think it was something about doing something naught that you are not supposed to do that got me so excited about it, plus i just loved (and still do love) the feeling of warm pissing flooding my pants, down my legs, into my shoes and sox!

i first got into doing it while playing with a friend of mine, and he thought it was funny, so i often did it in front of him to make him giggle. i would have lots to drink and then we would be playing and i just didnt stop to go to the bathroom-i just let it go in my pants. the first time i did it he was surprised, then laughed, and after that laughed each time. sometimes we would be running around playing outside, and all of a sudden he would look down and see that my pants were wet. then i started doing it at his house, like if we were in his basement playing games or video games. it got to the point where we would be playing and i would say "oh man i gotta pee real bad" and things like that, then "oh man im gonna pee my pants," then he would watch and i would do it. he then started watching as i would piss my pants in front of him. one time we were lying on the carpeting playing a game when i peed my pants, and it got all over the carpeting. he told his mother that the dog had done it! i think he liked it but i only got him to do it once. he was sleeping over at my house and i had a big bed so we were both in it-we both had on pajamas. in the morning we both had to pee real bad, so i peed myself and talked him into doing it too. i told him how good it would feel not getting up, just letting it go in bed. so he peed while lying in my bed! it was great! but he was paranoid and had to dry his pjs later before he went home.

so as i was getting into it, i started tentatively doing it more and in public places. i peed my pants at school sitting in my desk. sometimes just a little so not many boys would noticed, but then sometimes i would let go and totally piss my pants, and the pee would be all over my seat and drop onto the floor. of course then boys knew and would laugh at me, but that didnt seem to bother me, in fact i think made me do it more! then soon i discovered one of my first fav places to do it in public as a boy-at the movies! i would get a huge soda, sit down, then after a while would be desparate to go. but of course i didn't want to get up and miss the movie! so i let it go in my jeans. man, it felt so good to be sitting there, letting my pee go, soaking into my jeans, onto the seat, down to the floor, dripping onto my sox (i would have my shoes off). i would do this alone of with other boys-i would just tell them i didnt want to get up and miss the movie, and so went in my pants. some laughed, some thought i was crazy! sometimes if i was alone i would sit near other boys and piss my pants. sometimes the boys would hear the pissing hitting my jeans or dripping down and realize what i was doing, and i loved it when they figured it out and their reactions!

i will post more soon if u guys enjoy hearing about it!
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havent posted in awhile [Jan. 26th, 2009|03:02 pm]
hi i realized i havent posted here in awhile and glad to read some of my pants peeing friends new entries for the new year-so thought it was time to add mine! i also promise to add some pics soon, as i have a new camera!

btw if u want to email or im me, i am still on yahoo and my email/username is soxandundie5@yahoo.com

so on to my pants peeing adventures; i have been trying to piss in public as much as i can! over the holidays i had a fun bar experience. found a pretty dark bar that has indoor and outdoor spaces (and it hasnt been that cold here except for a week), so i like to go there, drink beers, then walk around pissing my jeans! have had several guys notice who seem to enjoy it. and it feels so good to be walking around pissing my jeans like that! i love to piss myself so much that is runs into my shoes soaking my sox, so i wear loose sneaks so i can pop my feet in and out and guys see that even my sox are pee soaked! i have had guys come up and talk to me, and i piss my pants standing there talkin to them! other times i sit at the bar and pee while i am sitting there on the stool so it drips down onto the floor. its been a fun place to hang out!

so one of my fav new things is to go to a nice restaurant and piss my pants wearing dressier clothes. i usually go with a friend (he knows i am into it and doesnt mind it), and i will drink lots of water and some wine too and just hold it in. then when i cant stand it anymore i let it go at the table, and the piss quickly soaks my undies and trousers and drips onto the chair and onto the floor, even down my legs and into my shoes and sox. my friend laughs knowing i am peeing my pants right in front of him sitting in the middle of the restaurant! once had the waiter come up as i was pissing! i put the napkin in my lap to make it less obvious, but i know he wondered what was up! one time i got up after i had peed my pants to go to the restroom to see how i looked. there was a guy there looking and i could tell he was liking it. he stood at a urinal next to me, and i actually slid my feet out of my dress shoes and slid the shoes over to him. the man peed in my shoes, then i slid my feet back in, soaking up all his piss! that was fun!

i also still piss at the library at school - thats always been one of my fav places. but now i am getting more bold and pissing right in front of guys! i play it off like i wait to long, get too desparate, and lose control. alot of the guys smile or laugh, one offered to help me (i think he thought i was sick or something!), and occasionally one seems to like. for instance once i was standing in the stacks looking at books and had to go really bad, so i was acting really desparate and a guy nearby was watching me. then i couldnt hold back any longer (i had drunk several bottles of water) and i started to piss my jeans, saying "uh oh" and things like that so the guy could hear. he just watched as i stood there, my pee soaking my jeans and dripping down my legs, into my sneaks, even onto the floor. he watched as i emptied my bladder standing right there in front of him in the library!

well i will try to post more, and hopefully pics soon, and feel free to say hi to me if u want to chat!
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at work [Nov. 20th, 2007|05:16 pm]
you know how sometimes you are at work and are just horny as hell and thats all you can think about? well my day today was like that, things were really quiet at work, i kept getting boners and was very horny. so i had to do something to have a little fun. i grabbed a bottle of water and drank, and before long, i had to pee. i knew what i had to do, and let out a little piss inside my pants. man did that feel good! sitting at my desk letting my piss out, just a little at a time! my pants started to feel warm as the pee spread, soaking into my briefs and the front of my pants. after that i couldn't hold back and had to let all my piss out in my pants sitting at my desk. i had to sit there soaked in my piss for awhile until it dried enough that i could get up from my seat.

more soon!
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restaurant [Nov. 10th, 2007|08:38 am]
hi guys! one of my favorite places to piss my pants is sitting in restaurants, and i had a great experience doing that last night! of course it helped that i was with a friend who was encouraging me, and i was drinking alot!

so i sat down, kicked off my shoes, and had a lot to drink. when i was buzzed i began to realize i really had to piss. of course my friend wouldn't let me go, he urged me to hold it in. when i got to the point that i couldn't hold out any longer, my friend said to go ahead and piss right there. with relief i let some piss out, and it began to soak up in my underwear and pants. then i couldn't stop and was totally pissing my pants right there at the table! the pee soaked my briefs and pants, and before long i was sitting in a puddle of piss. then it began to run down my legs. soon even my sox were soaked with piss. after that i just kept pissing while sitting there at the table. i would drink more and have to pee, and just let it go right there. when it was time to leave i had to shove my soaking wet sox in to my shoes. i was soaked in piss as i left. im not sure anyone even knew, as my pants were so wet they just looked like a darker color! but man it was fun!

btw i have a new yahoo address if anyone wants to im or email me:


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about time [Nov. 4th, 2007|08:19 am]
i know, i know, its about time i post! its not that i havent been pissing my pants lately, i just havent been taking the time to post, sorry! i just got thru with my midterms in school and had some fun last night i wanted to share!

a friend of mine took me out to celebrate getting thru my exams, so we went to a couple of gay bars. needless to say i was drinking quite a bit which my friend encouraged (he knows of my interests!). so after a few beers, my bud started to encourage me to piss, but of course he didnt let me go near the restroom! the first time i let go we were sitting at a table, and it felt so good to let the piss go and feel the warm pee start soaking my jeans. after a few more minutes it was dripping down my legs.

after some more beers, we went onto the dance floor. once again i had to piss and let it go in my jeans. it felt great standing in the middle of the dance floor pissing my pants! the pee ran down my legs and soaked my white sox and sneakers too! i even left a puddle of piss on the floor!

so we went to another bar and i did the same. at some point i kicked off my sneaks (which i ended up losing) so my sox were totally soaked with piss. in fact i was peeing my pants as i walked around the bar, leaving a trail of piss on the floor. this was a more hardcore bar and definitely some of the guys liked it, and i was even standing pissing my pants as i talked to them. my bud talked me into opening up my jeans so some guys could see, and my underwear was so soaked with piss u could see thru them! i walked out of the bar still pissing my jeans (and sox as i lost my shoes!).

i will try to post more soon!
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more dares [Sep. 1st, 2007|10:09 am]
Hi guys, short a short post. I started school this week and am still working, so I am pretty busy. I haven't really tried much pissing lately. But I am up for some more dares, so let me know if you guys think of ideas for me!

Also I hope to work on some pics or vids before long.
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dares [Aug. 4th, 2007|05:04 pm]
hi guys! well since both sebastian and joe have talked about dares, i just wanted to invite any guys into it to send me dares and i will do my best to try to do them! feel free to email me or im me at:


i am not always online but if u email we can try to set up a time to talk. i have had some hot talks with both sebastian and joe online btw!

so anyway after my last post sebastian dared me to go a whole week without using a restroom, just pissing my pants. i was able to do pretty well, i did lots of pissing in my pants! i cant say i did it one hundred percent of the time, but i would say i was able to stick to the dare most of the time.

work was the hardest place to do it, but i pissed my pants alot! i wore mostly dark pants like black or navy blue, and whenever i felt like i had to pee i let it go in my pants. i would do it sitting at my desk then sit there with wet pants waiting for them to dry. one time as i was pissing in my pants a guy came up to talk to me and i was pissing while i talked to him! he had a funny look on his face and knew something was up, i think he could hear the piss hitting the inside of my pants, but i dont know if he figured out what i was doing or not. man did it feel hot peeing my pants right in front of him!

school was pretty easy, anytime i went to class (i only have one right now) and at the library i just sat drinking water and pissing whenever i felt the urge to go. in one class i was sitting at the back near another guy and i had shorts on, so when i pissed the pee ran down my legs into my shoes and sox! the guy near me heard and looked over and saw the piss on my shorts and running down my legs. he just laughed! he probably thought i was drunk or something!

oh and speaking of i did go to a bar and had a few beers and just walked around pissing my jeans the whole night at the bar. that was fun and nobody cared, in fact some of the guys were into it and enjoyed watching me pee my jeans.

at home i enjoyed pissing in bed. whenever i felt the urge i just let it go instead of getting up and peed my underwear. it felt great lying in bed and feeling the warm piss soak up in my briefs and then go all over the bed!

one of the hottest things i did was go to a restaurant with some friends. i told them about the dare and they thought it was funny and encouraged me to go in my pants there. so anytime i felt like i had to go i sat there at the table and pissed my pants. it soaked up in my underwear and soaked my pants completely, going down my legs and soaking my socks too (i had my shoes off).

probably the best experience i had the whole week was going to the mall with one of my friends from the restaurant, and i just walked around pissing myself everywhere we went. i peed so much sometimes it was dripping out onto the floor as i walked leaving a trail of pee behind me! many guys noticed, some laughed, a few seemed to like it. my pants were definitely soaked!

oh and one time during the week i was at work and i forgot that i had worn khaki pants instead of my dark pants and sitting at my desk i pissed my pants. i realized too late what i was wearing and by that time had totally soaked my khakis. so i went ahead and kept pissing my pants all day, not getting up. after a bit my pants were totally soaked, and when they were they became totally see thru! you could see my underwear showing right thru the pants! and of course my undies were soaked too! so i stayed late after other people left so no one would see, except one guy saw and he asked if i had had an accident, and i just said yes and that i had that trouble sometime. not sure what he thought but he hasn't said anything since. man did it feel hot standing in front of him in soaked pants with my wet undies showing thru!

so feel free to let me know if u have any other ideas or dares for me!
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at the office [Jul. 19th, 2007|02:11 pm]
hi guys! well since i have fewer classes this summer i have taken an office job and have been able to have some wet fun there. thought i would share with you guys! the first time i did anything at work was when i was sitting at my desk with no one around and opened my email. well Joe sent me an email (you probably all read his hot posts on livejournal too!) and he dared me to piss myself a little wherever i opened the email at. well i couldn't resist and let some pee out sitting at my desk! it was a friday so i had jeans on, dark luckily, so i peed a little which soaked the front of my briefs and got the crotch of my jeans wet too. man did that feel good!

so that inspired me to do more. one day when i was wearing navy blue slacks with a polo shirt and nice shoes and sox i decided i was not going to use the restroom at all that day - i would only piss in my pants. man was that fun! all day whenever i had to go i just let it go inside my pants sitting at my desk. i got my underwear soaked, my pants wet, i even got pee in my shoes and sox! and then i would just sit there and let it dry then go again later. since my pants were dark and i didnt get up much, no one realized i was pissing my pants all day long! i even did it a couple times talking on the phone, i just peed my pants while i talked - it was great!

of course i am continuing my wet fun at the library at school too. i tried something kind of daring the other day. i noticed a guy who was watching me. i rubbed my crotch a little and he kept looking at me. so i stood up and was walking in the stacks and he was sitting where he could see and continued to watch me. i pulled a book out and was looking at it when i started to piss my pants. i could tell the guy looked surprised, i know he wasn't expecting that! i let it all out. since i had shorts on they were soaked quickly and the piss ran down my legs to my sneakers and sox. he just watched me stand there and totally piss my pants. when i was done i put the book back and walked away. i don't know if he was into it or not, and don't care really, it just felt so awesome to pee myself with a guy right there watching!

talk to u later! btw my email is
if u want to email me or chat.

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finally posting again! [Jul. 4th, 2007|08:52 am]
hi guys, sorry i haven't posted in so long! a lot of things hit at once - tough classes in school, my computer got fried (have a new one now), etc. so i just haven't been doing much for fun. i have managed to piss my pants in public many times though (i always have time for that!), so thought i would finally share some stories:

i have continued to piss my pants at school. i had one class last spring i hated and i sat in the back. on the final exam i was drinking lots of water and felt i had to piss. i knew the prof would not let anyone leave for any reason. so i started letting out spurts of pee in my jeans. it felt really good, but i still had to go bad. so i just let it all go. the guy sitting near me could hear my piss hitting my jeans and dripping down on the floor. he just smiled, i think he was sympathetic and just thought what i was doing was funny. he probably figured i was doing it cuz of the prof who we all hated. so i sat there pissing my jeans, the pee ran down my legs, soaking my jeans and my sox (i had taken off my sneaks). the funniest part was i got up to turn in the exam with my wet, sopping jeans and sox making noise and leaving drips of piss on the floor. the prof looked really mad! i went back to my seat, picked up my sneaks and bag and walked out like that.

the library is still a good place to piss my pants. i did that in the spring too such as one time i was in the stacks looking for some books. i had hooked up my laptop on a desk nearby, so when i felt like i had to pee i didnt feel like bothering to pack up just to go to the restroom, so i held it in. after a while i had to pee so bad i was hopping around grabbing my crotch. a guy nearby in the stacks started noticing, it was obvious i had to piss bad. and then i just couldnt hold it any more and started to pee. i said 'uh oh' out loud as the pee began to spurt out. the piss quickly soaked thru my underwear and jeans and started running down my legs. the guy near me noticed and looked shocked. he just stood and watched as the pee soaked my underwear, jeans, and down into my socks and sneakers. there was even piss on the library floor i had peed so much. after i pissed i gave the guy nearby an embarrassed looking smile and he smiled back, i think he felt sorry for me. man it was so hot to piss in public with him right there watching me!

one time not long ago i went to a nice restaurant with some friends of mine, we were all kind of dressed up so i had on kakhi pants and nice shoes and sox with a polo shirt. altho when i sat down i took my shoes off and kicked them away to get comfortable. so we were in the booth all talking and laughing all night, and we were all drinking too. i didnt pay enough attention to how much i was drinking so i had too much. i felt myself have to piss, but since guys were on both sides of me in the booth i didnt bother getting up - i just held it in. i got to a point where i had to piss so bad i was grabbing my crotch. and then as i was having another drink the piss just started to come out, almost on its own. i suddenly realized i was sitting there pissing my pants. the guys i was with all stopped talking when they heard something, then realized it was the sound of my pissing hitting my pants. then they heard the pee hitting the seat and running down my legs hitting the floor. in no time i had soaked my underwear, pants, and socks, even the bottom of my shirt. the guys had been drinking too so when they realized i was sitting there pissing, they all just laughed! a couple of them teased me, but only one guy got mad. he had not been drinking (he was driving) and he got mad at me. but all the other guys just laughed. the funny thing was when we got up to leave, my khaki pants were so soaked my underwear was showing right through! everyone in the restaurant saw me in my piss soaked pants with undies showing thru. also i forgot to put my shoes back on and left them under the table. so i walked out in my sox which were also soaked with piss.

also had an interesting experience last semester where i wet the bed - hadnt done that in a long time. i was asleep and having one of those dreams where u dream ur pissing. then i woke up and realized i was wetting the bed. my piss soaked thru my briefs and all over my sheets. when i got out of bed my roommate saw my piss soaked briefs and didnt say anything but looked embarrassed. he never said anything, i think he figured it was stress (it was a bad semester). but it was actually kinda fun wetting the bed again.

again sorry guys i have taken so long to write, please feel free to email me if u want to talk anytime! here is my email:


talk to u later guys!
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